Donna Lent ’97

Town Clerk, Brookhaven Town


Donna Lent ’97, Town Clerk, Brookhaven Town

In 2013, Donna Lent was elected by a wide majority of Brookhaven residents as Brookhaven Town Clerk. As Town Clerk, Ms. Lent acts as the Registrar of Vital Records, the Recording Secretary for the Town Board, the Records Management Officer, Filing Officer and Licensing Officer for the Town of Brookhaven.

While earning her BA at Stony Brook University, Ms. Lent enjoyed a successful career as a Law Office Manager and small business owner. In 2001, Donna left the private sector and joined Assemblywoman Patricia Eddington as her Chief of Staff. During the following nine years, spent in both the State Capitol and Long Island, Donna played a crucial role in the passage of important legislation sponsored by the Assemblywoman. Quality of Life issues regarding education and public safety were of key importance, as well as the financial and economic impact of State taxes. After serving the constituents of the Third Assembly District, Donna was appointed Chief Deputy Town Clerk for the Town of Brookhaven.

Donna Lent has a long history of public service and dedication to the community. For more than three decades she was a stalwart volunteer for the Sachem Athletic Club, a sports program for boys and girls aged 6-13, where she served as a Coach and Mentor to numerous young athletes. Her invaluable guidance and oversight as the Club’s treasurer was instrumental in the expansion of the program, enabling hundreds of additional Brookhaven students to benefit from the program.

A life-long supporter of Women’s Rights, Donna also serves as the First Vice President and Chair of the Political Planning Committee for the National Women’s Political Caucus, an organization established in 1971 whose mission is dedicated to seeing more women in elected and appointed office.

Ms. Lent’s community service was recognized by the Suffolk County Association of Social Workers when she was honored with their “Citizen of the Year” award. She is also a Suffolk County Independence Party Spirit Award recipient. Donna and her husband of 41 years, Greg, raised their three children in North Patchogue and today have the additional joy of four grandchildren.

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