Your Career Matters: Career Book Discussion on “Before Happiness: 5 Actionable Strategies to Create a Positive Path to Success”

Stony Brook University; Career Center Staff PortraitsPositive psychology — shifting from a negative to a positive viewpoint — is a breath of fresh air in the field of psychology and offers us a way to regain control over our path to success. Shawn Achor, a NY Times bestselling author, has become one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between happiness and success. His latest book, “Before Happiness,” reveals five action-oriented techniques to help us see the world through a positive lens.

Here are three suggestions offered in the book:

  1. Recognize the existence of multiple realities by simply changing the details your brain chooses to focus on.
  2. Try to balance every piece of bad news with three pieces of good news.
  3. Map your route to success by highlighting your true meaning makers — any aspect of life you feel a deep emotional connection with — and reorient your mental map.

Watch Shawn Achor’s TED Talk: The Happy Secret to Better Work to learn more about his research.
Register and join us on Thursday, January 29, from 6pm to 7pm to discuss important takeaways and learn how we can apply these strategies to make positive life changes.

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