Why I Give to My Alma Mater: Angelo Lambroschino ’15


At SBU, I was able to pursue my passions both inside and outside of the classroom (Psychology, Media, and Higher Education). That red hot magic was a true team effort. I am so grateful for the warm, inclusive, and welcoming community that thrives on campus and extends far beyond Long Island. Stony Brook believed in me when nobody else did. Our community gave me the support, skills, and confidence to accomplish my dream of reviving the student-run video production club: SBU-TV. Furthermore, these experiences at Stony Brook are what eventually led to my current position in Higher Education and I would not be the man that I am today without the many helping hands along the way. This is why I wanted to do my part after graduation by giving some of my time back to the Seawolf Pack as an Alumni Advisor for SBU-TV and as a Chapter Leader for the NJ Alumni Chapter.

Angelo Lambroschino—Angelo Lambroschino ’15, Senior Admissions Counselor, Caldwell University

Inspired by Angelo’s story? Click here to make your gift to Stony Brook University.

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