VP for Finance Lyle Gomes Receives Robert J. Wagner Business Officer of the Year Award

Lyle Gomes, vice president for Finance, has been honored with the Robert J. Wagner Business Officer of the Year Award, presented by the State University of New York Business Officers Association (SUBOA).

Lyle Gomes.

Gomes was recognized for his many additions to SUBOA, including recently leading state-wide committees on improving the procurement software Jaggaer and updating the broad-based fee process. He also serves as a liaison to the SUNY Council of Information Officers where he shares his tremendous knowledge of SUNY, freely and graciously with all. Fellow SUBOA members describe him as a consistent, reassuring presence at SUBOA, always being the first to volunteer and lead the charge on SUBOA projects that have university-wide implications.

SUBOA has chosen one winner of the award annually since 2005. Recipients are selected for consistently portraying outstanding performance, having the highest professional standards, and making significant contributions to SUBOA and SUNY. 

Robert J. Wagner, who presented the award to Gomes during the 2023 SUBOA Annual Conference on May 30, commented, “The range of Lyle’s professional certifications and associations enhances his value to the campus and brings recognition to both himself and Stony Brook. His involvement with SUNY Central and SUBOA reflects a commitment beyond the campus to the welfare of the system and to providing service that benefits other campuses. As part of a public university comes an added responsibility to help improve the overall system and raise the bar on performance for all units that are part of the system. In SUNY’s case, that is a very tall order given the scale and diversity of units. Lyle has invested his time and talent in great measure over the years and continues to do so today. For me, that represents what being a part of something bigger is all about.”

“I congratulate Lyle on this noteworthy achievement,” said Jed Shivers, senior vice president of Finance and Administration. “He is that rare individual who brings both passion and professionalism to improving our campus and SUNY. It is a great pleasure to see his leadership and dedication to Stony Brook and SUNY acknowledged by this prestigious award.”  

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