Vi’s View: What was April?

Viyang Hao
Viyang Hao, the first dedicated student writer for Stony Brook Matters. Catch her experiences each month in Vi’s View.

There has always been something about the Spring semester where everything goes by so quickly. For this Spring semester, it really flew by. It’s like you blink, and suddenly finals are next week. Mentally, I’m still processing midterms from March. 

I never realized how packed April is with campus-wide events. For example, Earthstock, PrideFest and Roth Regatta were held within the span of two weeks of each other this year. It was a lot to juggle all at once. But amid the chaos, one moment stood out for me: School of Communication and Journalism’s Roth Regatta Live Show. I helped out with the behind-the-scenes, and it was so much fun.

What made this live show truly remarkable was the presence of the alumni. Although I did not get the time to really talk to them, hearing their stories throughout the live show really struck me. Even though many of them have not been part of Stony Brook University lately, a lot of their experiences in the SoCJ were similar to what I was going through right now.

It was hilarious when one of the alumni practically gave me a shoutout during the show, saying how they could feel the struggles of whoever was in control of audio. I was so focused on adjusting the audio levels that I almost missed it, but looking back, it gave me a good laugh. Even though I had to watch the Roth Regatta from afar, I enjoyed staying inside and far away from Roth Pond. 

And, now, with finals somehow approaching next week, I’ve had a mountain of work I need to address. A 10-page research paper, a final to study for, three essays… But, hey, that’s just part of the Spring semester going by so quickly. 

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