Vi’s View: Gobbling Up Some Thanksgiving Homework

Viyang Hao
Viyang Hao, the first dedicated student writer for Stony Brook Matters. Catch her experiences each month in Vi’s View.

Was there really a Thanksgiving break? Probably for you, but not for me. Don’t get me wrong, I took in the silence that overcast the campus over the five-day break. But, one problem remained: finals — particularly writing a 10-page research paper.

Thanksgiving break provided the time needed to contemplate whether or not I should start writing the paper. I’ll give you a timeline of what happened. 

Viyang writes a final paper for one of their classes.
Viyang writes a final paper for one of their classes.

Wednesday – Is Wednesday the day I start writing my paper? Lol, no.

Thursday – Happy Thanksgiving! I wrote one paragraph, which is a start!

Friday – It’s cram time. I have to start writing or else I’m never going to start. 

Saturday – We’re getting somewhere. 

Sunday – There are three pages left to write, but the paper isn’t looking too good. Oh my gosh, my friends are back. Let’s grab dinner with them.

Monday – School’s starting again, already? I’ll find some time to write again eventually. The paper will be finished one way or another… I hope. 

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