Vi’s View: From Delis to Hotpots

Viyang Hao
Viyang Hao, the first dedicated student writer for Stony Brook Matters. Catch her experiences each month in Vi’s View.

Recently, it was Chinese New Year, and I had the opportunity to go visit my family. Was it awkward that I had to leave school for a few days even though the spring semester had just started? Yes, it was very awkward. 

I was ecstatic to see my family for the holiday, but my excitement was clouded. It meant I had to work even harder to make sure I wasn’t going to fall behind in my classes. Even though a new semester just started, I already had 13, probably an exaggeration (or not), fairly lengthy writing assignments to go through. 

On Friday morning, when I left to take the LIRR to JFK airport, I had only gotten two hours of sleep; on Wednesday night, I had only gotten five hours of sleep. And, I don’t know if you consider sleeping on the plane as actual sleep time, but I slept for a total of two hours on my flight to my parents. If you’re keeping track of how many hours I slept, it equates to nothing because the stress of traveling outweighs whatever hours of sleep you can get.

Viyang visits a man-made waterfall on their trip back home.
Viyang visits a man-made waterfall on their trip back home.

Once I arrived back home, I took three naps almost every day I was there, in addition to sleeping throughout the night. Even on my way back to Stony Brook University, I slept for almost the entirety of my flight. Despite my best efforts to catch up on sleep, when I went to my evening class the Monday I came back, I felt like I hadn’t slept in days.

During my trip back home, I realized how much I’ve changed. For example, I was missing bagels. And, not like any regular sort of bagels that I can get at a grocery store, but New York deli sort-of bagels. I was also missing coffee and eating halal food – but, that’s beside the point. 

The biggest indicator that I’m more like a New Yorker than a Californian is the fact that I kept questioning why people didn’t know how to walk at every other airport I went to besides JFK. My native New-Yorker friend said that after almost two years here, I’m practically one— I’ll leave this for  you to decide. 

I’ve really learned to appreciate the sense of flexibility that adult life has offered. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved spending time with my family and catching up with them over hotpot. But I missed the “hustle and bustle” life at a university, especially if I’m not going to be given the side eye when I say that I woke up at 10 am. I know that I will say, “I wish I was back home right now” in the near future, but I really like the type of life I have as an adult. 

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