Vi’s View: A Cosmic Coincidence

Viyang Hao
Viyang Hao, the first dedicated student writer for Stony Brook Matters. Catch her experiences each month in Vi’s View.

Do you believe in horoscopes or zodiac signs? I don’t …mostly. But I came across several articles and videos that told me that my future with Monkey as my Zodiac sign would present opportunities in the future. I don’t want to say that they’re right – but they are. Or perhaps it’s all just a coincidence. 

My experience so far in the spring semester has surprisingly mirrored what spring is like: everything’s bitter at first and I “keep my peace,” but as the weather becomes warmer, the more opportunities there are to make friends and to become more engaged on campus. 

Viyang visits The Big Duck on Long Island over spring break.
Viyang visits The Big Duck on Long Island over spring break.

I’ve gotten the pleasure of joining one of my favorite student clubs on campus as part of their leadership team. And I’m thankful that I’ve had the opportunities to strengthen existing friendships and make new ones. I’ve even had the opportunity to understand more about Long Island. For example, over spring break I visited the Big Duck and explored towns like Riverhead and Montauk. 

A gripe I have, however, is how short this spring semester has felt. It’s unfathomable to understand that in practically less than a month I will be done with my sophomore year of college and will be a rising junior. I’ve always heard that the spring semester will go by in a flash, but this felt more like a nanosecond. 

For my horoscope or zodiac sign reading, I hope that it’ll continue to tell me that more good fortunes are coming my way, especially as the looming task of having to find a job after graduation becomes a reality. 

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