The Power of Networking: Be a Mentor, Make a Difference

Mentoring Principles

Calling All Alumni Mentors: 

Be the first to learn about and join our new mentorship platform Stony Brook Mentor Connect

The Power of Networking: Be a Mentor, Make a Difference Virtual Event 

Tuesday, November 14
6:30 pm-7:30 pm

Join us virtually to learn more about volunteering to be a mentor and get access to our new platform, Stony Brook Mentor Connect. 

Hear stories from students and alumni on the positive impact mentoring has made in their lives. 

Stony Brook Mentor Connect

Stony Brook University is committed to providing opportunities to connect students and alumni for an enriching experience.  The Career Center and the Alumni Relations offices work closely together and play a pivotal role in fostering these connections, empowering individuals, and strengthening the community. Social connections, mentoring, and networking generate a positive feedback loop of social, emotional, and physical well-being, and we want to make it easier for you to connect, offer help, and guide students on their career journeys.

Stony Brook Mentor Connect is our New Platform that Offers Several Advantages:

  • Career Development: Alumni can provide guidance and mentoring for students and connect with other alumni to offer and receive valuable insights into career development.
  • Micro-Mentoring: One-time connections to support students with resume & cover letter reviews, career conversations, introduction to connections, job shadowing, and more! 
  • Formal Mentoring: The Career Center Industry Mentorship program is a new structured semester-long mentorship where alumni are paired with students according to their career interests. Our fall pilot program includes Women in STEM and Pre-Law students.  

Importance of Networking

  1. Knowledge Sharing: A study by the International Journal of Business Administration revealed that 70% of professionals reported learning from peers through networking. 
  2. Career Advancement: A Harvard Business Review study found that individuals who actively network and engage in professional communities are more likely to get promoted. Networking opens doors to new opportunities. 
  3. Individual Growth: When you network, you create a space to learn from others, seek guidance, and gain exposure to different perspectives. It also helps establish your personal brand in the field. 
  4. Community Growth: Strong networks within a community foster collaboration, support, and sharing of ideas! Be part of something bigger and be the change in your community. 

For more information, Contact with questions.

“Working with Stony Brook students and alumni to create a meaningful life and a purposeful career brings meaning to my life. The best part of coaching is helping my clients see what they have instead of what they don’t. I empower them to dream big and recognize their strengths, interests, and gifts while helping them see a clear path and create the necessary steps to make their dream a reality while making a living. If you are interested in working with me or joining our Mentor Connect platform, please contact me at”

Marie Parziale

Marie Parziale

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