Ten Students Receive Fulbright Scholarships, Setting Stony Brook Record

Yezu Woo

Yezu Woo

Yezu Woo
Home town: Chuncheon, South Korea
Doctoral Student, Music (violin)
Departmental advisors/mentors: Arnaud Sussmann, Catherine Cho, Daniel Phillips 

Woo will learn composer Isang Yun’s rich violin repertoire by working with artists associated with the Isang Yun Foundation in Berlin and will also spend time in Frankfurt to play for musicians involved in the contemporary music scene. One of Yun’s central commitments was bringing peace to Korea and showing how music can engage in that process in a profound way. As an American naturalized citizen from South Korea, Woo believes that it will be an artistically satisfying journey to learn from Yun’s compositions the humanism that connects the West and the East, and how it creates a feeling of a unified whole within Asia and beyond. 

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