Beyond the Expected Podcast: Being an Ally

How can being an ‘ally’ help you better understand the people around you, and help all of us bridge racial and other divides in society today? Vice President for Equity & Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer Judi Brown Clarke shares her insights and expertise on this important topic, along with guest panelists Adam Gonzalez and Juliette Passar, in a podcast episode that will both enlighten and inspire.

Beyond the Expected Podcast: Stony Brook’s Diversity Plan in Action

Join Dr. Judith Brown Clarke, Chief Diversity Officer, with guests Carmen Gonzalez, Assistant Vice President, Procurement; Dr. Zebulon Vance Miletsky, Assistant Professor, Africana Studies; and Dr. Jedan Phillips, MD, Department of Family, Population and Preventive Medicine, for their conversation around structural and systemic racism, racial disparity in healthcare, implicit bias, and negative stereotypes.

Beyond the Expected Podcast: Pursuing a Cure

This episode of "Beyond the Expected" podcast looks at how Stony Brook University researchers have stepped up and responded to COVID-19, about the research they’re doing, and about the latest thinking on what antibodies can and can’t tell us about this disease. Provost and moderator Michael Bernstein is joined by Dr. Elliot Bennett-Guerrero, Dr. Bettina Fries and Dr. Richard Reeder.