Student’s Mural Celebrates Women Engineers

A striking mural on the second floor of the Light Engineering building, designed by computer engineering student Sejal Mehra, pays tribute to women in engineering. Entitled Luna the Future, the mural uses a stylized boxer to suggest the power of women scholars and the challenges faced by women in the field.

Sejal Mehra

Sejal Mehra ’21 with Luna

“I chose to depict Luna as a fighter, specifically a boxer, because as a female in engineering, every day is a fight, whether it is to be heard, seen, or even taken seriously,” Mehra ’21 said. “She is often overlooked  and is rarely taken seriously for her accomplishments.”
Mehra, part of the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Honors Program, created Luna the Future as her final project for the course ARS 205, Foundations: Idea and Form, taught by Maya Schindler. Her vision behind this piece was to show the connection between technology and arts, bridging the two together to show the creative, imaginative side of art and the technical, analytical side of technology.
“In most of my laboratories, I see the potential of the components besides the ones known, which is one of the reasons I could not wait to create Luna,” Mehra said. “She embodies what it means to be an engineer and represents that engineers are made up of more than just what meets the eye.”

Luna the Future

Luna the Future

“I am incredibly proud of this project and hope that Luna inspires other females to join the field of STEM,” she said.

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