Stony Brook University Alumnus Donates $300,000 to New Center of Finance


Guy-Max Delphin enrolled at Stony Brook University over two decades ago because his parents wanted him to become a doctor.

But it took just one economics class to change the course of Delphin’s career.

“In my country, education is very important, especially the study of engineering, medicine, and law,” said Delphin (’97), who was raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and now heads his own investment firm. “I came to Stony Brook because I heard it was one of the best schools for medicine and one of the best values in the tri-state area.

“But I fell in love with economics and realized my interest in medicine was no longer there,” added Delphin, who has invested $300,000 in Stony Brook University’s new Center of Finance to establish the Delphin Endowment for Finance. The endowment will fund faculty recruitment, scholarships and fellowships. It will also go toward financing capital and operational initiatives.

Upon reconnecting with his alma mater, Delphin, who earned a bachelor’s in applied math and economics with a minor in business management, was particularly impressed with the Center of Finance.

The Center provides an interdisciplinary research focus to address intellectual goals in investment and banking/regulation. Specific research topics focus on high frequency trading, risk assessment and management, valuation of structured financial instruments, banking, portfolio choice and optimization, asset liability management and insurance, and regulation of financial institutions.

“Accessible, first-class business education is key for the U.S. to remain competitive and retain its position at the heart of the global market,” said Delphin, who in 2008 formed Delphin Investments in Connecticut, following a decade of analyst work on Wall Street. “I am very excited to support Stony Brook, which is producing the well-educated, ethical, trustworthy business leaders the world needs.”

The high quality of the University’s faculty and research also attracted Delphin to get more involved with the institution, he said.

“The more I learn about the school, the more involved I want to be,” said Delphin, a member of the College of Business’ Dean’s Advisory Board. “Stony Brook has always been a first-class institution, and I saw its potential to perform at an even higher level.”

Stony Brook President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD, called Delphin “a role model for other Stony Brook alumni who recognize the value of a Stony Brook education and want to enhance that value for future students.”

“We are excited to witness the impact of his generosity, and we hope other alumni will be inspired to support our College of Business,” the President added. For the University’s College of Business, Delphin’s “generous contribution to support finance research and education at Stony Brook is a landmark” in the history of the College, ” said Manuel London, Ph.D., dean of the College of Business and Director of the Center for Human Resource Management.

“His contribution to our Center for Finance will help us develop a world class program in investment analysis, quantitative finance, corporate finance, and banking,” London said. “We look forward to working with Mr. Delphin as our programs expand and his investment in us pays off in the outstanding students we graduate and the seminal research we produce.”

Delphin is thrilled to contribute to the transformation.

“Stony Brook gave me both the tools and the confidence to go out and compete with the best in the world,” he said. “I hope this is just the beginning of what I can do for Stony Brook.”


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