Stony Brook Students Visit the FDA

FDA visitThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hosted Stony Brook University students and faculty on Wednesday, March 22, at their Jamaica, Queens office for a tour of the NRL Labs and an opportunity to meet and learn from Stony Brook alumni who’ve worked there for over 25 years. Alumnus Nazmul Hassan ’00, Director, CB II, Northeast Regional Laboratory serves as a Career Advisors Network (CAN) Mentor and extended his generosity by inviting 20 guests (students, faculty and staff) to visit his organization. From 1 pm-5 pm, students spent time learning about FDA policies and procedures, while seeing state of the art equipment by touring 6 labs:

Pesticide Residue Analysis, Lab D
Trace Metals Analysis, Lab H
Seafood Sensory Analysis, Lab B
Color Additive Analysi, Lab C
Filth Analysis, Lab B
Pharmaceutical Analysis, Lab G
Microbiology, MSB

Nazmul’s colleague, Dr. Fred Gretch, lead the group through an excellent site visit that made a lasting impression on everyone there. The top three things students said they learned were: The day-to-day functioning of FDA, up-to-date facts about the industry and the importance of communication.

Yanling Chen ’17, biochemistry major stated, “I practiced networking with Dr. Gretch after the meeting. Networking can be fun and relaxing, but you have to be professional at the same time. Networking is a great opportunity to stand out and show your personality.”

Students were also able to met three Stony Brook alumni while touring on the site visit: Dominique Stutts ’11, chemist in the Trace Metals Analysis Lab; Thomas Herbst ’96, lab supervisor for NRL; and Tim Hawryluk ’65, senior mircobiologist at FDA.

Thank you to Nazmul Hassan, Dr. Fred Gretch and the FDA team for inviting us for this priceless experience!

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