Stony Brook Grad Realizes Career Advantages from his History BA

Received wisdom says that a BA in history won’t do much to advance your career, but Jonathan Lewis ’11 begs to differ.

Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan Lewis ’11

In a blog post on the American Historical Association website, the Stony Brook graduate argues that his background in history helped to prepare him for his current role as a supply-chain engineer for a large baking company.

“A major is not meant to lock you into a specific career path,” Lewis writes.

“My liberal arts degree ultimately allowed me to approach problems with a different perspective than my colleagues who were hired from sales or delivery positions. Many of my history skills have been useful at work. All the late hours I spent on research papers pays off every time I am asked to review presentations for my colleagues, usually with a focus on editing their written slides. ”

Lewis cites friends from his history courses who have gone on to careers in tech, advertising, finance, and even medicine.

“Skills in critical reading, research, and the presentation of ideas are applicable just about everywhere and a degree in history is, in my humble opinion, the best way to develop them,” Lewis writes.

Lewis worked as a Communications Intern at the Career Center his senior year. He lives in New York City. When he’s not apply himself to supply-chain logistics, he enjoys volunteering with the FIRST Robotics Competition and Child’s Play Charity.

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