Stony Brook Alumni Association Installs New President, Welcomes New Member

The Stony Brook Alumni Association Board of Directors is pleased to announce the installation of Robert J. deBrauwere, Esq. ‘87 as the new Board President. deBrauwere has been elected to a one-year renewable term, after serving two years as President-elect under the leadership of Bedel Saget ‘88.
The June Board meeting also saw the appointment of Dr. Leonard Moss ‘80 to a three-year term on the Board of Directors.

Robert debrauwere

Robert J. deBrauwere, Esq. ’87

Robert J. deBrauwere, Esq. ‘87
Partner at Pryor Cashman LLP
Robert deBrauwere is Partner at Pryor Cashman, LLP, where he specializes in Digital Media, Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment and Litigation. 
Prior to increasing his involvement on the Board of Directors, deBrauwere served as the Alumni Association’s New York City Chapter Leader, as well as on the College of Arts & Sciences’ Dean’s Council. Outside of Stony Brook, he also sits on the Board of Directors for the Long Island Music Hall of Fame, which too has strong Stony Brook roots.
He currently lives in New York with his wife, Caryn deBrauwere ’86, and their three sons.
“Becoming the Board President is significant in many ways,” says deBrauwere. “From a personal standpoint, it’s fulfilling for me to play a role in advancing the institution where I forged the greatest relationships in my life, the most important being the relationship with my wife, which was forged nearly 35 years ago in Kelly Quad. From a professional standpoint, being an active member of the Alumni Board has allowed me to grow professionally, while contributing to a mission in which I believe. Seeing Stony Brook excel in social mobility in particular makes me exceptionally proud to take on this role.”
Dr. Leonard Moss

Dr. Leonard Moss ’80

Dr. Leonard Moss ‘80
Attending Physician at Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute

Dr. Moss is a cardiologist and an attending physician at the Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute in New Jersey. His path to medicine began at Stony Brook, where he received his Bachelors of Science in Biological Science in 1980. Since his graduation, Dr. Moss has remained active in the Stony Brook Community as one of the leaders of the Alumni Association’s New Jersey Chapter and a member of Seawolves United.
Today, he lives in New Jersey with his wife Ilene and their two daughters.
“It is an honor to have been selected to join the Stony Brook Alumni Board of Directors,” says Moss. “It means that I have come full circle, from a student with dreams and ambitions to a professional.  Just as I have grown, I have witnessed with great pride Stony Brook University becoming the world-class institution it is today. I am passionate about this university, and look forward to giving back to a community that has given so much to me.”

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