Senior Director of Gift Planning Elected President of Philanthropic Planning Group of Greater New York

Meryl Cosentino

Meryl Cosentino

Meryl Cosentino, Senior Director of Gift Planning in Stony Brook University’s Advancement Department, was elected President of the Philanthropic Planning Group of Greater New York (PPGGNY). She has 30 years of legal and gift planning background including prior experience as Director of Planned Giving for St. Francis Hospital and philanthropic work at The Nature Conservancy (TNC) on Long Island as TNC’s Donor Relations Manager.

“I am truly grateful to the Philanthropic Planning Group of Greater New York (PPGGNY) for continuing to strengthen my professional knowledge,” said Meryl.. “As a gift planning professional, it is especially important for me to stay attuned to the ever-changing tax laws and regulations so that I can help our donors find the most effective ways to support Stony Brook University.”

As a practicing attorney, Meryl specialized in representing parents of children with disabilities and it was this work (tailoring estate plans to meet the specialized needs of her clients) that sparked her interest in pursuing a career in planned giving.

Before becoming President, Meryl served as Vice President for PPGGNY from 2013-2015, as Programs Chair from 2011-2014 and as Co-Chair of the Council’s Planned Giving Day in 2014 and 2015.

As President of PPGGNY, Meryl leads a board of 18 members and a total body of over 230 members, and she will be speaking at this year’s National Conference in Orlando, Florida as a faculty member for the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning.


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