Scholarship Recipient Profile: Diana N. Gonzalez

School of Nursing Alumni Board Award 2015 Recipient

Introducing Diana

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 11.31.25 AMHome: Elmhurst, NY
Education Includes: St. Francis Preparatory School
Stony Brook University Class of: 2017
Honors Include: Provost’s Award for Academic Excellence; The Louis and Rachel Rudin Foundation Scholarship; Nurse of the Year Award – New Life Fellowship Health Center

Diana’s Message of Thanks

Thank you for choosing to invest in the next generation of nurse practitioners! I am forever grateful for the gift of this scholarship and I commit to upholding the value of your gift in serving communities of patients in need. I commit to making my contribution through education and empowerment of disadvantaged individuals and ensuring the best quality of care is delivered to my patients. My hope is that your gift would be multiplied in blessings for you!

Diana’s Career Interests/Approach to Career

The most joy I find in my career are in my experiences in international nursing and serving underprivileged patient populations. I look forward to continuing my involvement in international nursing missions as a clinician and educator, as well as practice in the hospital/clinic setting in disadvantaged areas. I would also love to take on the role of professor at a School of Nursing and contribute in training the next generation of nurses.

Diana’s Inspiration and Proudest Accomplishment

My mother is undoubtedly my inspiration in all that I do. I was raised in a single parent home and have experienced first hand how my mother struggled to offer me a good home and all the love and joy possible. My success is measured by following God’s plan and purpose for me. It is in pediatric nursing that I have found my heart and in turn have also fulfilled my mother’s dream for me.

The Scholarship’s Impact on Diana

We asked Diana: Did your coming to Stony Brook depend upon scholarship support? Yes, it did. The Nursing Alumni Board Award certainly helped relieve the financial need I have. I am forever grateful for the opportunities SBU gives for my advancement.

This scholarship has impacted me tremendously. It will give me the funds to purchase my books and supplies for my courses and not further increase my school loan debt. I am humbled by the opportunity gifted to me and feel an enormous gratitude for sponsor who believed in me and my ability to succeed.


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