Scholarship Recipient Profile: Araminda Santomassino

The School of Nursing Alumni Board Award 2015 Recipient

Introducing Araminda

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 11.04.15 AMHome: Ronkonkoma, NY
Education Includes: Farmingdale College
Stony Brook University Class of: 2015


Araminda’s Message of Thanks

This scholarship impacts my family and myself greatly. This shows me my hard work has paid off and has been recognized. This will be a thought in my mind as I continue through school. My children are my drive, but this is what I will smile about and feel accomplished. It allows my family to feel less pressure financially. Paying tuition for two people in the household is difficult, and this is a relief to say the least. I would love to assist the school of nursing with the next generation of students in any way I am able to. I would volunteer my free time as I am able to. I would share my story with others to give them an incentive. This scholarship will also encourage my eldest daughter to continue to work hard in school as she has been. The importance of school has always been placed into my head, and I think that this should be true for everyone. I thank you from the bottom of my families and my heart. We appreciate your kindness. Thank you.

Araminda’s Career Interests/Approach to Career

I will soon graduate and have accomplished my first goal, my Bachelors degree, since returning to school. I will continue to work in my current field of nursing. After graduation I will begin my next goal, to obtain my advanced degree in nursing. At first I never thought I would return to school or want to continue, but my experience with everyone at Stony Brook has been amazing. Pushing me to continue on.

Araminda’s Inspiration and Proudest Accomplishment

There is no one person that has solely inspired me. The first person would be my mother, she always pushed me to go to college. Expressing the importance of an education and survival in the world. The second person would be my husband. He is always there for me even when things are frustrating and tough at home, because I have class or school work to do. The third and most important are my children, they are my driving force to do my best and then some. They depend on me and everything I do. My eldest daughter is the main reason I began my nursing education, when she was born I knew this little person needed a successful mother to look up to. I needed to be able to support myself and her.

The accomplishment I am most proud of up to now is receiving this award. When I applied I was not sure I would receive it. When I went to the mailbox and saw the envelope I had mixed emotions, not sure of what was inside. When I opened the envelope and read “congratulations” I was elated. My family members were all standing around me and we all celebrated my joy. I am proud that I have done so well in school, and I have been given this opportunity.

The Scholarship’s Impact on Araminda

We asked Araminda: Do you have a family member or members who made significant sacrifices to help you come to Stony Brook? Yes – My family and I have sacrificed a lot, financially and emotionally. Taking classes does not allow down time, only once in a while. The financial burden is equally as difficult. This scholarship will help my family significantly and assists with the burden.

This scholarship shows me that my hard work is showing. It provides positive feedback and makes me feel great. I feel accomplished and pleased to have been chosen.

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