SBU Student Creates Volunteer Organization to Help His Homeland

Stony Brook graduate student Erwing Alouidor is responding to the devastating earthquake that hit his homeland Haiti in 2010 by starting A Helping Hand for Haiti.

Erwing Alouidor and his sister volunteering in their homeland, Haiti.

Erwing Alouidor and his sister Fabiola providing free medical care for children in their homeland, Haiti.

“My sister and I survived the earthquake, and we witnessed the living conditions of our already fragile land become progressively worse,” he explained. “We developed a strong interest in giving back to and helping our country, and after volunteering in the summers of 2013 and 2014, we realized more needed to be done.”

With the support of family and friends, they started A Helping Hand for Haiti, which strives to help hospitals in Haiti by bringing quality care and medical supplies.

In November 2015, the first group of volunteers from the organization traveled to Haiti to provide genuine care to patients. The next trip is coming up in August 2016, and the group is looking for volunteers.

“You can learn more about the cause and apply to become part of our next group of volunteers to bring a helping hand to those in need,” Alouidor said. “Through our program, our volunteers will gain a sense of experience, growth and self-accomplishment, as well as make a positive impact on the lives of each patient and family that we bring our service to.”

A Helping Hand for Haiti also accepts donations of medical and first-aid supplies, and you can donate funds. For more information, please visit

“Any help is appreciated,” he added, “as volunteers, we know that even the smallest of gestures can make a really big difference.”

Alouidor is pursuing a master’s in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics and doing research in Neurobiology in the lab of Professor Alice Powers. Read more about his story here.

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