SBU Chapter of National Academy of Inventors Annual Meeting and Induction Ceremony

After three years of getting together via Zoom, the members of the National Academy of Inventors, Stony Brook University (NAI-SBU) Chapter met in person for their eighth annual meeting and induction ceremony on May 2. More than 50 members and supporters of the Stony Brook innovation community gathered to greet and honor six new NAI-SBU Chapter members, two honorary members, and three outstanding early-career researchers who received the NAI Young Academic Inventors Award 2023.

While Stony Brook University enters an exciting new era as a flagship university of the State University of New York (SUNY), and as the recently announced anchor institution for the New York Climate Exchange — the world-leading climate solution center on Governors Island — now, more than ever, innovation and inventions will define our future.

“Climate change is real, and we need real solutions: we must make scientific and engineering progress. We must encourage and celebrate invention as we do it today,” said Peter Donnelly, associate vice president for Technology Partnerships, in his opening remarks.

Six SBU inventors who were invited to join the NAI-SBU Chapter this year were selected for their leadership and innovation in their research areas. They all have numerous patents for their original and unique research in computer accessibility and machine learning, cancer treatment and antifungal targets, clinical pathology, and data center networking. The Chapter also welcomed two honorary members: Anil Dhundale, interim executive director of the Long Island High Technology Incubator, and Paul Ackerman, Esq., partner at ACKnowledge IP P.C., in recognition of their support and contributions to the development of the SBU innovation community. NAI President Paul Sanberg provided a video message congratulating the new members and hosting the pinning ceremony.

“The NAI-SBU Chapter members are helping fuel Stony Brook University innovation through the disclosure of their inventions, dedication to translational research, and the inspiration they provide to the whole SBU research community,” said Sean Boykevisch, director of Intellectual Property Partners and executive director of the NAI-SBU Chapter.

“It is really gratifying to have an in-person Annual Meeting of the NAI-SBU Chapter this year, and to revive the vigor and warmth of the community of academic inventors, IPP staff, patent lawyers and potential entrepreneurs at Stony Brook,” said Iwao Ojima, distinguished professor in chemistry and president of the NAI-SBU Chapter. “It is also a pleasure to see the continuous emergence of highly talented Young Academic Inventors who will become the future leaders of this community and NAI.”

Sitting in the front row, left to right: Young Academic Inventors Award recipients Yifan Zhou, Jann Stavro, Sima Mofakham; newly inducted SBU-NAI Chapter Honorary Members Anil Dhundale and Paul Ackerman.
Sitting in the front row, left to right: Young Academic Inventors Award recipients Yifan Zhou, Jann Stavro, Sima Mofakham; newly inducted SBU-NAI Chapter Honorary Members Anil Dhundale and Paul Ackerman.

The NAI-SBU Chapter announced the names of the rising stars of the SBU research community receiving the Young Academic Inventor Award 2023. This year’s awardees were three researchers in medical physics, neurosurgery, and electrical and computer engineering: Jann Stavro, Sima Mofakham and Yifan Zhou. They were honored with a certificate and a monetary award. Later this year, they will present an overview of their research during the annual Young Academic Inventors Symposium.

Congratulations to:

New Members
Paul Bingham, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Anatoliy Borodin, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Maurizio Del Poeta, Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Kenneth R. Shroyer, Department of Pathology
Yuanyaun Yang, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zuzana Zachar, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Honorary Members
Paul Ackerman, Esq., Partner, ACKnowledge IP P.C.
Anilkumar Dhundale, Interim Executive Director, Long Island High Technology Incubator

Young Academic Inventor Award Winners
Sima Mofakham, Department of Neurosurgery
Jann Stavro, Department of Radiology
Yifan Zhou, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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