Record-Breaking 14 SBU Students Receive Prestigious Fulbright Scholarships

Max frankelMax Frankel

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Major/Degree: Physics, specialization in Optics

Departmental advisors/research mentors: Dominik Schneble, visiting scholar Martin Cohen

Frankel received a Fulbright Research Award to work with Ilaria Testa in Stockholm, Sweden. His project is to develop part of Dr. Testa’s Molecular Nanoscale Live Imaging with Sectioning Ability (MoNaLISA) apparatus, which is used to study living neurons at extremely high resolution. Outside of the lab, he plans to work with students in the 3D Lab of the sculpture department at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm to create artwork with the 3D images captured with Dr. Testa’s apparatus.

He received the Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award 2021 (Swiss Benevolent Society of New York) and was a Sigma Pi Sigma Inductee 2021 (American Institute of Physics).

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