Professor Colin Carr to Perform in Humanitarian Concerts in Ukraine

Colin carr
Colin Carr

Music professor and renowned cellist Colin Carr has never been to Ukraine, but when a friend who runs The Humanity Funds asked if he would be interested in playing in Kyiv to support humanitarian efforts, he quickly agreed.

What began as a single fundraising event at the Children’s Hospital Ohmatdit has now evolved into two performances. Carr will play with the Kyiv Camerata in a concert on October 27 in the Santa Sophia Cathedral — the oldest church in Ukraine with mosaics dating from the 11th century — performing a Haydn Concerto with the Camerata and a Bach Cello Suite solo.

The concert at the Children’s Hospital Ohmatdit will take place on October 28. During this event, Carr will listen to the children tell their stories and will intersperse the stories with music.

“Music is hugely powerful. It reaches across boundaries, speaks from and to the heart, brings people together, provides joy, solace, nostalgia, beauty, and a hundred emotions that tell us about ourselves and each other,” said Carr, professor of music, cello and chamber music in the Department of Music. “We must have music at weddings and funerals. When there are human gatherings without music they are often not as touching or meaningful, and maybe show us our differences instead of enabling us to feel the common spirit of humanity,”

A father of three, Carr wanted to be able to contribute to the suffering children of Ukraine. “I would like them to have lives like children anywhere, to be able to learn and discover, to play, to be free, to be loved and cherished, to grow up in a safe environment, to have adequate food; to be able to express themselves, and have empathy for others. I hope they will one day believe that the world is a wonderful place.”

The purpose of the two concerts is to raise money for the children of Ukraine who have been affected by the war. The concerts will be streamed live on YouTube.

For more information or to support the efforts of The Humanity Funds, visit the website. Donations may be made through PayPal.

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