President Stanley Issues Call to Resist Anti-Immigration Rhetoric

Stony Brook University, President Samuel L. Stanley, Jr. MD Official Portraits

Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley, Jr.

Issuing a call to resist anti-immigration rhetoric in a Scientific American guest blog, Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. argues that immigration is essential to the pursuit of knowledge and the health of American research universities.

“Our embrace of international students and faculty has given the U.S. a leg up on all other countries in the race to lead in innovation and discovery,” Stanley writes.

In a strongly worded piece, Stanley states that xenophobic rhetoric and restrictive immigration policies “are undoing the compact between the United States and those seeking opportunity from around the world.”

“Policy needs to be based on facts, not fear,” Stanley writes. “Time is short, the new policies and rhetoric are taking their toll, significant damage is being done, and if we surrender our global edge in innovation and discovery, we may never get it back.”

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