NSF Funds SBU Big Data Collaboration with Government, Industry

Department of Computer Science (CS) chair Arie Kaufman and fellow researchers have been awarded new funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF), paving the way for Stony Brook to become a university partner in the Center for Visual and Decision Informatics (CVDI).


Stony Brook’s Reality Deck

Established in  2012, the Center for Visual and Decision Informatics is a National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/URC) that works in partnership with government, industry, and academia to develop the next-generation visual and decision support tools harnessing Big Data.

More than five years ago, the National Science Foundation funded the creation of the Center for Dynamic Data Analytics (CDDA), an I/UCRC at Stony Brook University. As a result of the first phase of this I/UCRC and with Kaufman serving as CDDA’s co-director, Stony Brook University is a leader in developing industry research partnerships.

CVDI will be the country’s largest I/UCRC in the field of Big Data. The CVDI collaboration aims to develop cutting-edge tools and techniques necessary to handle the demands of large data volume endeavors, such as visual analytics and machine learning.


Arie Kaufman

University partners of CVDI include Stony Brook University, Drexel University, and University of Louisiana at Lafayette, University of Virginia, and Tampere University of Technology in Finland. Brigham Young University and the University of North Carolina-Charlotte are expected to join in 2017.  Each member university will receive funding from the NSF for a minimum of five more years to encourage industry outreach and educational opportunities for students.

Companies that worked with CDDA during the first I/UCRC phase included Northrop Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Softheon, CA Technologies, Samsung, BioClinica, and Mobileware. The Department of Computer Science at Stony Brook University, which is part of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, is a good fit for an endeavor such as CVDI. Its facilities boast over 20 research laboratories and include the Reality Deck, a unique visualization facility designed and built specifically for mass data.

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