New York State Senator Monica R. Martinez ’08

Monica martinez

Monica Martinez ’08

New York State Senator Monica R. Martinez is a Brentwood High School alumna and a graduate of Binghamton University, having earned a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and History in 1999. Monica later attended New York University, obtaining a Master’s degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in Social Studies. Monica obtained her administrative degree at Stony Brook University in 2008. In 2010, Senator Martinez was selected to lead the administration of Brentwood’s East Middle School as Assistant Principal where she dedicated much of her time enriching the lives of her students.

Senator Martinez began her career in government as the County Legislator for Suffolk County’s Ninth Legislative District in 2014, where she faithfully served for five years. During her tenure as a Legislator, Monica worked tirelessly to improve the communities she represented throughout the District including Brentwood, Central Islip, and North Bay Shore. Monica championed legislation supporting animal rights, funded numerous anti-gang/anti-violence programs through local non-profit organizations that offer safe environments and mentorship programs to our youth, and established the first Suffolk County Child Care Commission. In addition, as a Legislator, Monica worked to secure a $125k grant for a STEM research program and raised awareness towards toxic illegal dumping that was occurring in Brentwood and Central Islip. Monica’s legislative accomplishments prompted her to seek higher office by running for the New York State Senate.

In her first legislative session, she was the prime sponsor of 80 pieces of legislation, of which 16 have already been signed into law. Senator Martinez has introduced several pieces of legislation to ensure the welfare and safety of all New Yorkers. Some of these monumental chapters include outlawing the dissemination of revenge porn, increasing access to mammograms and subjecting state and federal background checks for all operators of for-hire vehicles. Senator Martinez has also cosponsored important environmental legislation such as the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act and the Child Safe Products Act. Lastly, Martinez secured increased funding from the state for local school districts and worked towards making healthcare affordable.

As the New York State Senator serving the Third Senatorial District, she remains committed to strengthening animal rights as the chairperson of the Domestic Animal Welfare Committee. Senator Martinez currently serves as the Assistant Majority Leader on Intergovernmental Affairs. The leadership team in the democratic conference represents the broader views and interests of all elected members and works together to determine the appropriate direction for the conference as a whole. She is a member of a number of committees, including Education; Insurance; Alcoholism and Substance Abuse; Veterans, Homeland Security, and Military Affairs; Labor; Rules; and Budget and Revenues. Senator Martinez remains committed to her work in assisting constituents and implementing beneficial policies for all New York State residents.

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