New York Climate Exchange Partners on this Historic Venture

“From our vantage as an advisor to a diverse set of clients in New York City and across the globe, we believe that The Exchange has a unique and vital role to play in accelerating and scaling sustainable climate solutions,” said Giovanni Fassio, Principal in BCG’s Technology Practice. “We are proud to support the New York Climate Exchange in building a ‘first of its kind’ living laboratory and in incubating the most impactful climate solutions to save the planet, and to join ranks with a group of partners united by a shared mission to advance climate solutions that make the world a better and safer place.”

“IBM is honored and looking forward to being part of this trailblazing initiative by collaborating on tech-driven social impact and innovation efforts with Stony Brook University and the City of New York,” said Justina Nixon-Saintil, Chief Impact Officer at IBM. “The NY Climate Exchange project will allow us to contribute technology, skills, and research capabilities needed to help find climate solutions that put justice and equity at the center.”

“The climate issues of today are urgent. And environmental justice and ecological sustainability necessitate action from leaders across the world. As a core partner of The Exchange, Georgia Tech will provide research expertise in the areas of energy, urban planning, biological ecosystems, public policy, and more, and we look forward to playing an instrumental role in bringing its mission to fruition,” said Georgia Tech EVP for Research Chaouki Abdallah.

“Georgia Tech is extremely proud to be a core partner of The New York Climate Exchange. With The Exchange, Georgia Tech looks forward to creating this shared campus of visiting students, academics, and researchers as a global coalition of universities. The Exchange is one way that Georgia Tech is able to live its mission of developing leaders who advance technology and improve the human condition,” said Georgia Tech Professor Shannon Yee.

“GOLES is proud to be a part of this thoughtfully put together initiative to address issues around climate justice and resiliency. The Exchange is the result of intentionally built partnerships between community, academics, advocates, and other stakeholders and we look forward to all that we can achieve together,” said Damaris Reyes, Executive Director of Good Old Lower East Side (GOLES).

“At Pace University, our students, faculty, and staff walk the walk of sustainability every day and we are thrilled to bring our expertise to the New York Climate Exchange,” said Pace President Marvin Krislov. “As home to the nation’s No. 1-ranked environmental law program — and our expertise in Land Use, climate justice, ESG and regional clean water initiatives — we are eager to work collaboratively and bring an interdisciplinary approach to climate actions that forge a more resilient future for New York City and communities worldwide. Our expertise, vast student and alumni network, and location in lower Manhattan provides the perfect springboard for creating opportunities in the green economy and engagement on Governors Island.”

“We are so excited to be part of ‘The New York Climate Exchange,’ an initiative that resonates deeply with Pratt Institute and our longstanding partnering with local communities to address the critical issues facing us today and tomorrow,” said Pratt Institute President Frances Bronet. “Pratt is one of the premier schools of creative inquiry, art, architecture, planning and design in the world.  As a world-renowned academic and cultural institution committed to civic engagement and advancing environmental justice, we problem solve through an inclusive design process that brings deep technical expertise together with the experiential expertise of community partners which over time has built an extensive network of trusted community and industry partners. Pratt brings both this unique network plus research in critical areas, from developing green buildings, policy, products, and infrastructure to resilient streetscapes, environmental sensors, and sustainable materials. For years, we have been  leading research on Governors Island and are looking forward to expanding our scope as part of The Exchange’s network of community and industry collaborators.”

Render liggett hall
Public design lab to engage the community along the restored central arch of historic Liggett Hall. Credit: © SOM | Miysis

“We are very proud to bring our University’s deep and diverse strengths in climate and clean energy research and innovation to the New York Climate Exchange. As the only core partner on the west coast, we are excited to leverage our regional and global relationships to accelerate efforts to address and adapt to the impacts of climate change. This work is vital and urgent for the health and survival of our people and our world,” said University of Washington President Ana Mari Cauce.

“CUNY is pleased to support and participate in The New York Climate Exchange, a cross-institutional, cross-disciplinary collaborative model that has the strength and flexibility to address the existential climate crisis,“ said CUNY Chancellor Félix V. Matos Rodríguez. “This work on Governors Island in New York City will allow our researchers and students to address cutting-edge climate questions, build a more sustainable and equitable city, and provide a model for higher education institutions and climate-focused scholars everywhere to work together in pursuit of research solutions to environmental justice and related concerns.”

“Duke is thrilled to be a partner in the New York Climate Exchange and its community-first approach to confronting the complex impacts of climate change,” said Vincent E. Price, President of Duke University. “We look forward to bringing Duke’s academic, research and applied expertise to this critical partnership, which will help provide transformational solutions to the climate crisis.”

“Tackling climate change requires a collaborative approach underpinned by strong research, data, and analytics,” said Diya Sawhny, a Managing Director at Moody’s Corporation and a member of the Board of Directors at the New York Climate Exchange on Governors Island. “As a leading provider of solutions that help market participants understand, measure, and manage various risks, Moody’s is excited to contribute to the work of the Exchange while serving as a bridge to the business community and financial markets.”

“New York University is proud to join the New York Climate Exchange and along with our partners help meet the great global challenge of our time — climate change,” said NYU President Andrew Hamilton. “As a university whose fate is inextricably tied to the city we are so pleased to call home, NYU takes its role and responsibility as a model of sustainability seriously, and looks forward to having our scholars and students contribute to this local innovative research and educational hub with a markedly global reach. We thank The Trust for Governors Island and New York City for their leadership to make this transformative initiative a reality.”

Professor Patrick Grant, Pro Vice Chancellor for Research at the University Oxford,  said, “We are excited to be part of the successful partnership and look forward to working with US partners and others around the world on pressing issues in climate policy, science and impact. The Exchange will provide a global hub not only for teaching and research but also for interacting with companies and local and national governments committed to leading the response to our shared climate challenges”

“This is a great day for New York City and The Trust for Governors Island. This collaborative effort will engage RIT students and educators, who will work alongside essential partners to focus on climate solutions that impact New York, our nation, and the world,” said David C. Munson, Jr., President, Rochester Institute of Technology. “RIT is proud to be part of The New York Climate Exchange that will use its formidable resources, technology and research expertise to drive solutions to benefit our economy, environment and society as a whole.”

“SUNY Maritime College is very pleased to be part of the New York Climate Exchange and contribute to research and technology that goes beyond net zero impact toward positive sustainability, especially as it relates to the maritime environment. Considering two of the transformative forces occurring within the maritime industry — decarbonization and digitalization — the support of Maritime College in this partnership is particularly important as the industry transitions to greener fuels and more beneficial practices,” said SUNY Maritime’s Provost and VP for Academic Affairs Jennifer Waters.

“Brookhaven Lab researchers have played key roles in designing and conducting landmark climate studies from the Arctic to the Amazon for the U.S. Department of Energy,” said Brookhaven National Laboratory Interim Director Jack Anderson. “We’re excited at the prospect of collaborating with other researchers through the New York Climate Exchange as part of this new, important initiative focused on developing the next generation of climate experts and creating equitable climate solutions.”

Render turbine lab
Open labs and research spaces located along the public walkway between the new academic and research buildings. Credit: © SOM | Brick Visual

Stephen Levin, CEO of Solar One, said, “The work that will be pursued at The New York Climate Exchange is perfectly aligned with Solar One’s organizational goals, and we are thrilled to be involved. The unique and diverse group of collaborative partners participating in the project, through the leadership of Stony Brook University, bring incredible expertise to such a critical effort in climate change mitigation and adaptation planning. We could not be more excited to participate in this once-in-a-generation opportunity to bring resiliency and sustainability to the fore and demonstrate that NYC is global leader in environmental innovation. Congratulations to the Climate Exchange team.”

Beam Center is delighted to welcome The New York Climate Exchange to Governors Island as a partner in connecting low-income, under-resourced and newly immigrated NYC youth to experiences in learning and career-exploration that empower them as builders and sustainers of a just and healthy world in which they thrive.”

“New York City is poised to be a global leader in developing equitable climate solutions that can be scaled and applied globally. The New York Climate Exchange community-based approach to bringing educational and workforce training, and public engagement will not only support the growth of climate and energy sector jobs, it will showcase inno­v­a­tive approach­es to sus­tain­able and resilient design,” said Dina Rabiner, Vice President for Economic Development and Strategic Partnerships, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

“Historically, the same communities that have suffered the most from environmental inequities are underrepresented in the occupations most directly involved in combating climate change. The selection of The New York Climate Exchange, led by Stony Brook University, will help eliminate these disparities over time,” said Gregory J Morris, CEO, New York City Employment and Training Coalition (NYCETC). “NYCETC is enthusiastic about partnering to initiate and advance its ambitious efforts to develop inclusive “green career” pipelines, foster dynamic K-12 climate solutions experiences, and ensure that this living laboratory puts the protection of our environment at the center of our City’s 21st century workforce development system.”

“The Center for Climate Solutions on Governors Island is an unprecedented opportunity for New York City to directly address the existential threat that climate change poses for our neighborhoods, and the remarkable team with the New York Climate Exchange will be at the forefront of how we confront the crisis together,” said Carlo Scissura, President & CEO of the New York Building Congress. “Thanks to Mayor Adams and his administration’s ongoing commitment to tackling climate change, Governors Island will soon be an invaluable hub for innovation and education that will impact generations of New Yorkers. Congratulations to all founding partners of the New York Climate Exchange who demonstrated their commitment to equity in how we create and support thriving, resilient communities full of opportunity for all.”

“New Yorkers know too well we must adapt quickly to a climate future, dedicating ourselves to collaboration, innovation, and tenacity. We believe Governors Island’s choice of The Exchange embodies these qualities and soundly positions New York State and New York City to offer climate solutions for coastal urban centers around the globe for a more resilient future,” said Cortney Koenig Worrall, President and CEO of the Waterfront Alliance. “Throughout the selection process over the last several months, the Waterfront Alliance has been continuously impressed with SUNY Stony Brook’s leadership. We are so excited for this partnership.”

“On behalf of the 10,000 hardworking Iron Workers across New York State, we applaud Stony Brook University and its partners in the New York Climate Exchange for their selection. We look forward to partnering on innovative solutions to advance new green technologies and research that results in a sustainable future for construction,” said Jimmy Mahoney, President, New York State Iron Workers.

“We are proud to stand alongside The New York Climate Exchange as they embark on this important project to build a climate solutions center on Governors Island. We congratulate them on being selected as the winner by the Trust and the City, and look forward to seeing the positive impact that this center will have on our community and our planet. As Cement and Concrete Workers, we understand the importance of sustainable infrastructure and we are excited to support The Exchange’s work towards a more sustainable future. We thank The Exchange for the opportunity to be a part of this project and look forward to continuing our partnership towards a more environmentally conscious world,” said Angelo Angelone, President, Cement and Concrete Workers District Council.

“Thank you to Mayor Adams and The Trust for selecting The Climate Exchange to execute the development of the Center for Climate Solutions. The Climate Exchange embodies the inclusive community essential to meeting the unprecedented challenges of a changing climate. We must embrace both the accumulated knowledge of practitioners and the cutting-edge innovation of researchers to nurture solutions that work for all people,” saidEarth Matter. “The Climate Exchange embodies the qualities of community essential to make NYC a world-leading example of a just equitable future for all people in the face of the unprecedented challenge of a changing climate.”

“AGU applauds the selection of The New York Climate Exchange and the critical work our members spearheaded in making this all happen. New York has always been the crossroads of the world and now this new center on Governors Island will be at the intersection of groundbreaking climate solutions, a laboratory of ideas, and a beacon of hope and action for the future,” said Randy Fiser, CEO, AGU.

“Congratulations to Rose Martinelli, Stony Brook and The New York Climate Exchange for winning the Governor’s Island climate solutions center RFP. Green City Force (GCF) is proud to be a workforce and environmental justice partner in this important work. New York City’s decision to invest in this iconic initiative is expected to create $1 billion in economic impact and 7000 jobs. We are clear that in order to have a just transition and #futuregreencity, all stakeholders including those historically left out of economic mobility in climate and sustainability solutions need to be at the table. The Stony Brook team has been clear and intentional from day one, that multiple stakeholder input and equity need to be consistent in order for the project to be authentic and successful. We’re excited for the work ahead and look forward to building on the current status of Governor’s Island as a leader in sustainability, inclusiveness, and innovative opportunity for all,” said Tonya Gayle, executive director, Green City Force.

“Stony Brook’s plan will not only establish The Exchange as a living laboratory aimed at fostering investment and collaboration around solving the climate crisis but will also promote the creation of thousands of good paying union careers for hardworking New Yorkers,” said Gary LaBarbera, President of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York. “This vital project has the potential to uplift our communities and become a critically valuable resource for the development of a resilient, adaptable and skilled workforce best equipped to uplift our green economy and prepare New York for a rapidly changing and modernized future.”

“We are excited to be a part of Stony Brook University’s New York Climate Exchange on Governors Island,” said Peggy Shepard, Co-Founder and Executive Director of WE ACT for Environmental Justice. “We look forward to ensuring that the center leads with justice and equity as it leverages research, education, workforce development, and technology to develop and advance climate solutions for New York and beyond.”

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