New Water Conservation Project Coming to SBU

Stony Brook University’s Campus Operations & Maintenance (COM) Department’s new water conservation project includes the replacement of 79 irrigation controllers in academic and campus residences buildings with new smart-enabled controllers.

These new controllers will provide COM staff with a greater level of control over the campus’ irrigation practices, leading to a reduction in water use. Each irrigation controller will now be able to be programmed remotely and can save the university from unnecessary irrigation use during expected rainy days. COM staff will also gain valuable data regarding water used by campus irrigation efforts and will be better equipped to adjust irrigation schedules based on location and demand.

Among the notable benefits of the project, COM has highlighted the ability of the smart-enabled controllers and its accompanying cloud-based control site to provide detailed flow monitoring reports, program alarms and notifications, as well as in-depth weather forecasting.

The project will also lead to an overall reduction in hands-on monitoring performed by the university’s Grounds Department by providing staff with instant remote control from any web-connected device, limiting the time-consuming site visits currently required by the university’s existing irrigation controllers.

COM staff have begun installing the new controllers in a number of campus buildings with the goal of having as many units up and running for the warm weather months ahead.

Please visit the Office of Sustainability website for updates on this project, and be on the lookout for future water savings stemming from the introduction of the new smart irrigation controllers.

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