Mind Brain Lecture: What is Consciousness?

Mind brain lecture

Giulio Tononi, MD/PhD

Join us for the 23rd Annual Swartz Foundation Mind Brain Lecture
Monday, April 1, 2019
4 pm
Staller Center for the Arts, Main Stage
Stony Brook University
Scientists have long wondered what consciousness is and where it lives in the brain. Are newborns, animals and intelligent computers conscious? Does consciousness fade when patients become unresponsive after brain damage, during general anesthesia or even in deep sleep? Dr. Giulio Tononi will share how integrated information theory (IIT) attempts to answer these questions. IIT starts not from the brain but from consciousness itself — the world of experience — and derives from it what it takes for a system to be conscious. He will also discuss how IIT has stirred the development of promising tests to evaluate consciousness in non-communicative subjects.
Speaker: Giulio Tononi, David P. White Chair in Sleep Medicine & Distinguished Chair in Consciousness Science, University of Wisconsin
Learn more at stonybrook.edu/mindbrain.
Free Presentation, Intended for a General Audience
Hosted by the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior.

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