Jarrod French Named Cottrell Scholar for Innovative Research and Teaching

Jarrod FrenchJarrod French, an assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry & Cell Biology and Department of Chemistry at Stony Brook, has been named a Cottrell Scholar by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement. Cottrell Scholars are recognized for their innovative research plans and education programs. French was chosen for his research proposal, “Structural Dynamics of Photoactive Proteins and Crowdsourcing Structural Biology.” The award, given this year to 24 top early-career academic scientists, includes a $100,000 grant for each recipient.

Cottrell Scholars engage in an annual networking event, providing them an opportunity to share insights and expertise through the Cottrell Scholar Collaborative. This year’s Cottrell Scholar Conference will be held July 11 through July 13 in Tucson, AZ, and is expected to draw about 100 top educators from around the country.

The French Lab at Stony Brook uses an integrative and collaborative approach to identify the molecular determinants of protein function and dysfunction in various physiological contexts. The team uses a wide array of chemical, biochemical and biophysical techniques to specifically focus on enzymes and enzyme complexes that regulate metabolic processes. The goal of their work is to develop novel or improved therapies for a range of devastating human diseases.

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