Hon. Kenneth A. Marra ’73

U.S. District Court Judge, West Palm Beach


Kenneth A. Marra ’73, U.S. District Court Judge, West Palm Beach

Judge Kenneth A. Marra ’73 grew up in Queens and graduated from Stony Brook University with the intention of teaching high school on Long Island. While at Stony Brook, he played on the freshman basketball team and on the varsity baseball team for a year. However, what he remembers most about Stony Brook are the friends he made from living in the dorms and with whom he still stays in touch.

“I’m proud to have gone to Stony Brook and enjoy reading about the advances the school has made and how far it has come,” said Judge Marra.

After a few teaching experiences, Judge Marra decided a career change was in order and he applied to law school at Stetson University in Florida, where he graduated first in his class and met his future wife Louise.

Upon graduation, Ken joined one of the select few in Washington D.C. to work in the Justice Department’s Honor Graduate Program. There he was assigned to represent the interests of Native Americans, work he continued at a D.C. law firm by representing Native American tribes after leaving the Justice Department. Meanwhile, Louise devoted herself to their growing family of 8 children, all born approximately 2 years apart.

After a time, Judge Marra and his wife, Louise moved back to Florida where he worked at a West Palm Beach law firm, followed by a position as a Circuit Judge. In January 2002, Judge Marra was nominated by President George W. Bush for U. S. District Court Judge in West Palm Beach, a position he now holds and that he considers his most significant professional achievement.

Coincidentally, one of his law clerks, Lila Hubert ’82, is also a Stony Brook alumnus. In her interviews for the clerkship, said Judge Marra, her Stony Brook degree “wasn’t the deciding factor, but it didn’t hurt.” For her part, Hubert is thrilled to be working with a fellow Stony Brook alum and distinguished legal mind. “It’s an honor to work with Judge Marra,” said Hubert. “He’s the perfect judge: brilliant, fair, sagacious and devoted to justice; he is a true civil servant.”

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