Hesse-Spellman Forms New Research Alliance for Power Electronics Packaging

Hesse Mechatronics and the Spellman High Voltage Power Electronics Lab at Stony Brook University have formed a new research alliance for high performance power electronics module packaging through a no-cost loaner program including a Hesse BJ 653 wirebonder and a Hesse Smart Welder SW1185.

Advanced power modules provide the bridge between the power devices and their applications, as the module design has a strong impact on the semiconductor’s real-world in-circuit performances. With the support from Hesse, the Spellman High Voltage Power Electronics Lab can provide full capability for advanced packaging solutions, from design to validation, to advanced Wide Bandgap (SiC/GaN) and Ultra-Wide Bandgap (Ga2O3 and Diamond) Power electronics systems. The Lab Is also well supported by ANYSYS, and in broader collaborations with the U.S. DOE, Sandia National Lab, Office of Naval Research, APEX Microtechnology, etc., in the field of advanced power module packaging research. It is expected that the Lab can serve as a unique elite research asset in the nation’s CHIP Acts effort and meet the research needs in the northeast region as well as the country.

The Spellman High Voltage Power Electronics Laboratory at Stony Brook University provides endless potential for cross-disciplinary collaboration, from computer and materials science to civil engineering and social sciences. Partnerships like these are critical to the success of Stony Brook’s engineering programs because they integrate the university’s commitment to experiential learning with real-time industry initiatives, standards and goals.

The Stony Brook Matters article, Powerful Partnership Supercharges the Future, contains more information about the university’s power electronics program and collaboration with Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation

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