FSA Scholarship Recipients Shine in the Workplace

ScholarshipWinners-F16Hard work does not go unrewarded. Five student employees have been chosen to receive Faculty Student Association (FSA) scholarships for the Fall 2016 semester:

  • Ankur Mody, Senior, Technology Systems Management 
  • Amy Nan, Junior, Technology Systems Management 
  • Elena Howe, Sophomore, Psychology 
  • Kylie Campanelli, Senior, Environmental Humanities
  • Tylene Hilarie, Senior, Chemistry 

The five scholarships, offered each semester, honor exemplary student employees with a monetary award of $500 each. “I plan to put the money I have been awarded toward my tuition, as I am determined to make the most out of my time at Stony Brook,” said Amy Nan.

The scholarship, exclusive to FSA and Campus Dining employees, honors students based on their outstanding performance and skills gained on the job. Recipients submit personal statements and letters of recommendation from managers or supervisors, reflecting both their current achievements in the workplace and how the skills they have learned can be transferred to future careers.

“I am thankful to FSA for teaching me the ins and outs of a work environment,” said Ankur Mody.

“I have been with FSA since Spring 2014, and I was able to improve my time management, public speaking and customer service skills,” said Tylene Hilarie.

The scholarship idea originated with a group of FSA student employees who worked as interns during Summer 2015. These students were charged with developing ways to increase student employee retention. To do so, the interns reviewed previous FSA employee satisfaction surveys, conducted in-depth interviews with current student employees and distributed a new survey to them. The survey revealed that most students wanted to be recognized for their achievements through financial assistance.

“In the short time I have been with SBU, I have seen Stony Brook students demonstrate exemplary leadership abilities, exceptional service to their peers and great work ethic. I am so proud of their accomplishments and contributions to enhance campus life for all students,” said FSA Executive Director Nadeem Siddiqui.

“My experience working within FSA over the past three years has been nothing but wonderful, and it’s nice to feel the time and work I’ve put in here has not gone unrecognized,” said Kylie Campanelli.

“It’s nice to have a convenient on-campus job to help me earn money and learn valuable skills…Being recognized for this scholarship means a lot to me because it shows me that my hard work pays off,” said Elena Howe.

How to Apply
The scholarships, given every semester, are exclusive to FSA and Campus Dining student employees. Scholarship applicants are evaluated on their achievements in the workplace, their explanation of how the skills they have learned are transferrable to a future career, and their plans for after graduation.

To qualify, students must be currently working within FSA for a minimum of two semesters while working at least 10 hours a week during each semester, must demonstrate professionalism and positivity, and must be a diligent worker and team player in the workplace. A written personal statement and a recommendation letter from their manager is also required.

The deadline for the FSA spring scholarship is April 8, 2017.

For more information about the scholarship, please visit the website

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