Four SoCJ Journalism Graduates Tapped to Join Daily Mail Staff

Four recent graduates of the School of Communication and Journalism (SoCJ) will join a competitive two-year trainee program at the Daily Mail, the largest newspaper group in Great Britain. 

The program only accepted five people into the U.S. version of the program, housed at the Mail’s New York City newsroom. 

“It’s an incredible testament to our students and our university that four of the five people accepted into the Daily Mail trainee program are Stony Brook graduates,” said Laura Lindenfeld, dean of the SoCJ and executive director of the Alda Center for Communicating Science. “I’m proud of them and look forward to seeing their bylines and other achievements at the Daily Mail in the coming months and years.”

Over two years, the graduates will learn the newspaper’s in-house style, pitch and write stories, and be mentored by journalists, editors and other staff members. After they finish the program, they will become senior journalists at the newspaper.

“I’m so glad the Mail were impressed with us and our students,” said Sarah Baxter, visiting professor of international journalism and director of the SoCJ’s Marie Colvin Center for International Reporting. “It will be a high-pressure boot camp and they will have the chance to learn about everything at the Daily Mail.”

The selected students are Kelly Garino, Sonya Gugliara, Sara McGiff and Samantha Rutt. In May, Garino, Gugliara and McGiff graduated from the undergraduate journalism program, while Rutt earned her master’s in journalism.

This is the first time graduates from the SoCJ have been accepted to the Daily Mail program, which accepts applicants from around the country.

The Daily Mail trainee program began in London in 2003 and expanded into the U.S. in 2014. The first part of the program involves a month-long intensive training, where the graduates will meet with editors and other newsroom leaders, and pitch stories to departments across the newsroom. Former trainees, many of whom have risen to prominent positions at the newspaper, will share their experiences and advice with the graduates. By the end of the month, program participants will build complete stories for the Daily Mail, including headlines, fact files, pictures and videos. Then they join the full-time newsroom team.

At the end of the two-year program, they can continue to work at the Daily Mail and may apply to a similar program to work in the newspaper’s London or Sydney offices.

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