Faculty Profile: James Taylor, MD

James Taylor, MD

James Taylor, MD

Why did you select your field?
I began my career as a pharmacist. After serving the needs of many patients with heart problems and getting to know them — their concerns, their fears, their hopes — I realized that I wanted to do more than just manage their drug therapy. The challenge of diagnosing and treating cardiac patients appealed to me, and I was interested in cardiovascular physiology. I knew then that cardiovascular surgery was the right choice.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
There are two. Because I am with patients and families during pivotal moments in their lives, I learn from them every day about the strength of the human spirit and how much families really rely on each other when faced with life-altering challenges. I’ve been doing this for over two decades and it’s always rewarding to hear from patients about how they are enjoying life again. It’s also rewarding to be educating the next generation of surgeons. They are so hungry to learn and experience and have the same drive and passion that I have for our profession.


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