Ecology and Evolution Undergrad Researches in Three Faculty Labs

Sarah Vaccaro

Sarah Vaccaro

Sarah Vaccaro ‘22 — the URECA researcher of the month for September 2021 — is a biology major specializing in ecology and evolution with a minor in anthropology.
Vaccaro’s research in the laboratory of Associate Professor Krishna Veeramah, Department of Ecology and Evolution, on Genomic Evolution of the Three-Spined Sticklebackwas supported this summer with a Biology-URECA Summer award — generously sponsored with funding from the Three Village Garden Club. She presented a poster on her URECA project at the virtual Summer Symposium in August 2021.  
Vaccaro concurrently has been conducting undergraduate research in the group of Professor Liliana Dávalos, Department of Ecology and Evolution, working to identify the factors that influence the resilience and extinction of bats in the Caribbean. Recently, she also joined the research group of Assistant Professor Tara Smiley, Department of Ecology and Evolution, where she has been assisting with fieldwork at Brookhaven National Laboratory. 
Vaccaro plans to pursue a PhD in Ecology and Evolution, and to work in the field of wildlife biology.
Read the interview with URECA Director Karen Kernan

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