Congratulations, 2016 Seed Grant Awardees

Seven collaborative research projects between Stony Brook University and Brookhaven National Laboratory have been chosen as this year’s Seed Grant winners:

Stony-Brook-University-logoKathleen Araujo (Technology and Society, SBU), Susan Pepper (BNL) and Kerstin Kleese van Dam (BNL): Assessing the Knowledge Frontier – Cyber Vulnerability in US Nuclear Facilities

Barbara Chapman (Computer Science, SBU and BNL) and Meifeng Lin (BNL): Performance Portability Strategies for HPC Applications Looking Forward to Exascale Computing

Clive Clayton (Materials Science and Engineering, SBU), Amy Marschilok (Chemistry, SBU), Simerjeet Gill (BNL), Hugh Isaacs (BNL) and Kotaro Sasaki (BNL): In-Situ Studies of Interfacial Corrosion Processes at Grain Boundaries and Crack Tips

Joel Hurowitz (Geosciences, SBU) and Juergen Thieme (BNL): In-Situ X-ray Tomography, Chemistry and Mineralogy of Samples Returned from Mars

Klaus Mueller (Computer Science, SBU), Houlin Xin (BNL) and Qin Wu (BNL): A Deep Learning Approach to Mitigate Reconstruction Artifacts in Low-Dose Transmission Electron Tomography

BNL logoErik Muller (Physics, SBU) and John Smedley (BNL): Diamond Particle Detectors for Therapeutic Medical Dosimetry

Neelima Sehgal (Physics and Astronomy, SBU) and Anze Slosar (BNL): Baryon Mapping Experiment: From Prototype to Full Realization

Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD, with support from the Office of the Provost, sponsors the Seed Grant program for joint initiatives between scientists from the University and BNL. Current major strategic initiatives are in energy sciences, nuclear and high-energy physics, computational science, X-ray science, biological and life sciences, and climate science. Winning proposals are typically funded between $30K and $45K. These collaborations are a key element for developing synergistic activities that can grow joint research programs aligned with the strategic plans of both institutions.

The Office of Brookhaven National Laboratory Affairs at Stony Brook administers the program annually. For more information about the program, please send an email to:

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