Civil Engineering Graduates Inaugural Class, with 100% Placement

Professor Giles and Students Initiate Matching Gift

This past May, the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences graduated the first class in its Department of Civil Engineering, with 100% student placement in engineering positions and ongoing studies. Graduates secured positions in some of the highest-profile engineering firms and engineering schools in the country, including:

  • Turner Construction
  • Arcadis
  • General Dynamics
  • Metropolitan Transit Authority
  • NYS Department of Transportation
  • Cameron Engineering
  • Prime Engineering
  • Fulton Engineering
  • Virginia Tech
  • RPI

The Stony Brook Career Center supported the graduates and aggressively recruited civil engineering companies to attend the Career Fair.

In an inspiring display of commitment and generosity, Ryan Kent Giles, an assistant professor of Civil Engineering at Stony Brook, told students he would match any donations they collectively made to the department, up to $500. He delivered, and so did they. Consistent with their entire Stony Brook career, these students, led by Emily Chao and Anthony Cundari, gathered pledges that exceeded the goal and raised $706.   

“These funds will help advance our educational goals in creating the next generation of civil engineers,” said Professor Giles. “Equally important, this contribution brings to life the drive and ingenuity we see every day from these bright innovators of tomorrow.”

“Congratulations to the inaugural Civil Engineering class of 2016, and thank you for your many contributions to CEAS,” said Fotis Sotiropoulos, Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Stony Brook University. “We eagerly anticipate your successes and look forward to continuing our shared collaboration in the years to come.”

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