CBS News Covers SBU Scientists Studying Climate Change in Antarctica

The work of Stony Brook researchers in Antarctica has been highlighted by a CBS News article, Global warming cited as Antarctica’s chinstrap penguin population drops by half, which details live coverage by a CBS News team sent to the region to see how climate change is threatening penguins.
Chinstrap penguinThe SBU scientists are on Elephant Island in Antarctica to count a chinstrap penguin colony to determine if the population is dwindling there, as it is elsewhere in the area. Average temperatures in Antarctica have risen by more than five degrees over 50 years, which is about five-times the global average.
The research team works with Stony Brook University Ecology and Evolution Professor Heather Lynch, who received the Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists in 2019 for her research as a quantitative ecologist monitoring Antarctic penguin populations. Her work has provided key data on the health of the Southern Ocean ecosystem.
Read the CBS News article

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