Career Center Announces New Mentoring Platform: Stony Brook Mentor Connect

The Stony Brook University Career Center has launched a new platform to facilitate mentorship relationships with SBU alumni: Stony Brook Mentor Connect

For students interested in having career conversations with professionals in relevant career fields, Mentor Connect helps to connect students and recent grads with Stony Brook alumni mentors for career advice and support through one-on-one meetings.

“The Stony Brook Mentor Connect platform is an easy and efficient communication tool for reaching out to my mentee as well as fellow alumni,” said Terri Randall, a Stony Brook alum who has been a mentor since the launch and has found the platform beneficial. “Having the ability to meet, message, complete milestones, and explore career options in one well-organized, user-friendly virtual space is amazing!”

Mentor Connect can help students gain clarity toward pursuing their professional dreams, starting with a professional search for mentors. This can lead to long-lasting connections and an understanding of how impactful mentorship and networking is to Stony Brook students and alumni.

“Faculty and staff understand the transformative power of education, mentorship, and networking,” says Marie Parziale, senior alumni career coach and driving force behind Stony Brook Mentor Connect. “They have personally taught, advised, and worked closely with our alumni as students, and many have established relationships with alumni who would be interested in connecting with current students. At Stony Brook University, we believe in the power of mentorship to guide, inspire, and empower the next generation of leaders. Our aim is to enlist an additional 250 alumni before the start of the fall semester.”

According to Parziale, Stony Brook Mentor Connect has a simple sign-up process, and alumni can easily share their help with students and recent graduates. “Launched as a pilot initiative this spring, the platform has garnered enthusiasm and has received great feedback from the 150 mentors who have eagerly joined and are engaged in mentoring students from many different backgrounds,” said Parziale. She added that career communities are divided by industry sectors, allowing mentees to easily find and reach out to appropriate mentors. These mentors may also recruit Stony Brook University talent for jobs or internship opportunities.

How can students, alumni, faculty and/or staff help? Encourage other students and alumni to visit to create a profile and start connecting with others today. For questions or feedback on the platform, please email or

— Melanie Karniewich ’25

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