Campus Operations & Maintenance Plants Tree at Child Care Services Center

Members of the Stony Brook University Campus Operations & Maintenance (COM) team recently planted a unique tree at the Stony Brook Child Care Services Center with help from students and teachers.

As part of Stony Brook’s Tree Campus Higher Education designation, the COM team dedicates at least one new tree planting each year on campus to the mission of Tree Campus USA. This year, Horticulturist/Landscape Coordinator Alaina Claeson worked in tandem with the Child Care Services Center to identify a location for a seven-foot Ginkgo Biloba ‘The President’ tree. 

This hardy and adaptable tree was placed in the front parking area of the center, an ideal location to show off future golden-yellow foliage in the fall, and stunning green leaves during the warmer months. 

Tree planting 2

Students and teachers were able to get their hands dirty planting the tree while also learning proper tree planting and maintenance techniques. 

“It was a pleasure to work with the Stony Brook Child Care Services Center to plant this special tree, especially in light of Stony Brook’s tenth consecutive year of acknowledgement from Tree Campus USA,” said Claeson. “Planting this tree in a location where the next generation is learning and growing symbolizes our commitment to sustainability and creating a greener campus for all of our future Seawolves.”

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