Bridging Dreams: Stony Brook Computing Society Spends a Day at Google

Out of a staggering 200+ registrations, 25 Stony Brook Computing Society (SBCS) students were chosen for an exciting opportunity to visit the heart of technology, the Google Office in New York City, meeting with SBCS alumni who shared their experiences.

Upon reaching the Google headquarters, the students enjoyed a tour that guided them through the maze of floors, offering a glimpse into the innovative spaces where Google staff bring ideas to life. Following the tour, they enjoyed lunch at one of Google’s famed cafes.

The highlight of the experience lay in the stories shared by a panel of Google employees. They provided glimpses into their day-to-day lives, narrating tales of challenges, triumphs, and the dynamic nature of their work, along with describing ongoing projects and the intricacies of life at the tech giant.

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“Listening to the panel, I was surprised to learn that the key to success in the tech industry isn’t just about individual brilliance, but rather the ability to collaborate effectively in a team. This insight has reshaped my perspective and prepared me for a future where teamwork is as crucial as technical skills,” said junior Amir Hamza, president of the SBCS who is double majoring in computer science and applied mathematics and statistics.

The focus then shifted to the world of Google Cloud. Accomplished program managers, including Stony Brook alumni Danny Rosen (BS, Business, 2007), Matthew Del Signore (BS, Computer Science, 2017), and Sruti Kumari (MS, Computer Science, 2020), orchestrated enlightening presentations about cloud computing. The students were then thrust into hands-on virtual labs, where they grappled with Cloud Infrastructure and Gen AI, gaining practical experience.

Rosen, a Google senior technical program manager, was excited to have the opportunity to share his experiences at Google and how his Stony Brook education helped shape his future.

“My time at Stony Brook University provided a formative foundation that continues to shape how I approach my work,” he said. “Stony Brook wasn’t just about classes or a resume bullet point. It fostered a multi-faceted skill set that I apply daily: technical know-how, collaborative spirit, drive for creative problem-solving, and a healthy awareness of team dynamics. These combined strengths make me a valuable contributor to any professional setting.”

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