Alumni to Speak at Third Annual TEDxSBU

TEDxSBUTune in to our third annual TEDxSBU event on Friday, November 6 to watch alumni, faculty and staff give the talks of their lives live from Stony Brook’s Wang Center Theater. This year’s theme is “The Master Pieces.”

Alumni Speakers Will Include:

Debra Alfarone – How the Labels We Choose to Describe Ourselves Can Directly Impact Our Success
Elizabeth McCourt ’11 – Why You Should Spill Your Secrets
Marcia Neblett ’98 – Against the Grain – Printmaking in India
Burton Rocks ’94 – Quantifying Life’s Intangibles: The UPA/UPAt Metric
Marc Anthony Rodriguez ’05 – Gamification of Life: A Journey from SBU to Silicon Valley and Everything In-Between
Katarzyna Sawicka ’04, ’05, ’14 – Immunomatrix: A Novel Vaccine Delivery Paradigm
Nicholas Valente ’11, ’15 – Polytopia – Discovering the Beauty of Higher Dimensions Through 3D Printing

To read full speaker bios, purchase tickets or sign up to get notified when the event goes live, click here.

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