Alumni Share: “Why I Love SBU”

We asked; you answered. Here’s what you told us you love about SBU:

“I love SBU because they supported me during my re-transition back to school in 2009. I was deployed to Iraq with the Army and was starting school again.” – Byung Sa ‘11, Northern California Alumni Chapter Leader

Students work in a biology lab at Stony Brook University in Long Island“I love SBU for the affordability of the school and the awesome research opportunities. And the professors are very knowledgeable!” – Rakia Syed (student)

“I love SBU because no matter how long I’ve been away, I always feel at home the second I step back on campus.” – Jaime Poynter ’12

“I love SBU because of all the people, experiences, and excitement that helped me realize my potential. – Jared Reed ‘14, ‘15

“It’s all about the red!” – Bob Cuccaro ’96, Stony Brook Alumni Association Board Member

“I love Stony Brook because of the wonderful people I met from my time here.” – Stalla Saimon (student)

“It’s something special when a university opens its arms years after completing your formal studies. When you graduate from SBU, ‘you can still go home’.” – Victor Levy, MD ’81

“As an alum, what I loved most about Stony Brook was how easy it was for different cultures to come together through classwork. Every student brings a unique perspective. Our diversity is our strength.” – Joan Dickinson ‘12

1.3For me it was diversity and the opportunity. Stony Brook is certainly one of the most culturally diverse campuses in New York. The fact that the University takes so much time to celebrate diversity by promoting the formation of cultural clubs and events gives students so many opportunities to grow and excel in whatever interests they have. Definitely made a difference in my career and personal life.” – Sabina Sebastian ‘08, Stony Brook Alumni Association Board Member

“I love SBU because it was my home away from home for many years!” – Alexa Grosskreuz ‘13, ‘15

“I love Stony Brook because the experiences I had during my undergraduate years here helped me figure out exactly what I want to do with my future! – Megan Hertz ’15

“SB has fostered my life’s calling to service.” – Suja Johnkutty, MD ’96

“On loving something about Stony Brook, the Staller Center is what comes to mind. Literally every day of the school year, there are concerts by students at the highest level, faculty, some of the best musicians in the world, and that’s not even mentioning the ‘official’ program.” – Kent Gustavson, PhD ’04, ’07

“I love SBU because it brought me to [my boyfriend] Ian Rippy.” – GraceAnne Taylor ’14

22310470388_3153a0099f_k (1)“I love that Stony Brook offers many opportunities for its students. Between intramural sports, club events, work, an internship, and school, I’m never bored. I’ve made so many friends and memories that will last a lifetime.” – Lauren Dozier (student)

“I love SBU because it made me realize who am I am and brought me to the greatest people I’ll ever know.” – Jake Holderman, ‘13, ‘15

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