Alumni Reflect on Years of Love at Stony Brook

Many alumni hold Stony Brook in a special place in their heart. But, for the Seawolves who found love here, SBU means just a little bit more. Here are just a few of the heartwarming Stony Brook love stories that have been shared with the Alumni Association.  Share your own story on social media with hashtag #SBULoveStories.

Jillian Weynand ‘18 and Christopher Friello ‘17

Jillian weynand

“We met when I transferred in 2016, we’ll be together 4 years in March. The first time we had lunch together was on the Staller Steps. Our second date was at a men’s basketball playoff game. I still have every single ticket from every playoff game and Homecoming game that we went to. Transferring to SBU was the best decision I could have ever made.”
– Jillian Weynand ’18

Lisa and Anthony Gentile

Tony gentile

“We met at the library pretzel stand! I was selling pretzels and Lisa Gentile was a senior studying law.  Love at the pretzel stand! ?
First date 11/19/83, married 7/13/85.”
– Anthony Gentile

Michelle Aclander ’14, ’16 and Zeev Douek ’15

Michelle aclander 3

“My husband and I met our first week at Stony Brook. It was our freshman year in 2011 at Hillel. We recently got married in December of 2018.”
– Michelle Aclander ’14, ’16

Aster Leitner ’84 and Robert Leitner ’85

Aster leitner

“We met in the computer lab in 1983 and got married in 1988. We were both computer science majors. He asked if I would like to see a game he found on the computer.”
– Aster Leitner ’84

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