SBU Junior Receives Prestigious Phi Beta Kappa Writing Internship

Alexandra Zigomalas at the Zuccaire Gallery in front of a piece from the current exhibition, ANTIFORM.

Alexandra Zigomalas at the Zuccaire Gallery in front of a piece from the current exhibition, ANTIFORM.

College of Arts and Sciences junior Alexandra Zigomalas ’18 is “proud to represent the humanities side of Stony Brook University.” A history/art history double major and writing minor, Alexandra has been honored with a prestigious writing internship with the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. The nation’s oldest academic honor society, Phi Beta Kappa is devoted to fostering the liberal ideal in education and encouraging the spirit of critical inquiry. Alexandra was strongly recommended for this internship through Professor Richard Gerrig, secretary of the Phi Beta Kappa Stony Brook chapter, as well as professors in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric.

As part of her internship, Alexandra will write six publishable articles for the honor society’s online publication, The Key Reporter. Her first article, featuring Karen Levitov, director of the Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery, is featured in the publication’s Voices and Ideas section.

“I chose to write about Karen for my first article because she is such an inspiration to me,” said Alexandra. “She is a pillar of the art community on campus, as well as an incredibly thoughtful and creative curator.” Seeing the piece published was very exciting for Alexandra, and she looks forward to writing many more.

Alexandra has taken full advantage of the resources made available to her as an undergraduate and, in doing so, has attracted the attention of many faculty and staff members. She is a tutor at the Writing Center, where many students specifically solicit her help on essays and other writing projects.

“Allie is recognized as one of our strongest writing minors and one of the most helpful tutors in the Writing Center,” said Program in Writing and Rhetoric Professor Kevin Clouther, one of Alexandra’s mentors. “She distinguishes herself from other students not only through the depth of her research but also the originality of her thinking. Her writing is inward looking while remaining sensitive to the mysteries of the outside world.”

During her time at Stony Brook, Alexandra has become involved in many aspects of campus life and community. She previously interned for the Department of History, working with Professor Donna Rilling on research of the environmental history of Mill Creek, located near the University of Pennsylvania campus.

She serves on the Stony Brook University Women’s Leadership Council, an initiative designed to help young women network and gain experience while also building strong bonds with inspiring and successful mentors. Alexandra also works at the Zuccaire Gallery, where she assists with exhibit installations and outreach projects.  

“I’m very grateful for this opportunity to write for an online publication,” said Alexandra. “I’m very happy to be part of some of Stony Brook’s acclaimed departments outside of the sciences, and I hope to use this internship as a way to highlight the achievements of faculty from departments across campus.”

Alexandra looks forward to continuing to work with the Program in Writing and Rhetoric and other Phi Beta Kappa members on campus who are doing incredible things.

— Emily Sobel, ’17

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