Adam Sherman ’91: Where Is He Now?

Adam shermanBio: I am the founding principal of a recent human-centered and boutique consultancy focused on helping grow revenue, retention and reputation through maximizing people’s warm networks and relationships.
Job Title and Company: Founding Principal at Warm Name
Degree from SBU: ‘91 BS in English, minor in Journalism
What piece of advice would you offer students looking to get into your area of interest and expertise?
Seek out those in your network who have ties to those individuals; be a receptacle for learning, development and growth; be humble.
How do you think experiential learning (internships, service-learning, volunteering, etc.) impacts career success? Have you ever participated in experiential learning?
It impacts career success in positive ways, provided you’re volunteering or learning about something you truly care about. For me, aside from taking part in the student mentoring program at Stony Brook, I coached a children’s basketball team. By virtue of giving back and having engaging and intentional conversation with new people in your areas of passion, you’ll likely have door openers you would not ordinarily have had if you didn’t give back to something you’re passionate about.
What’s your 30-60 second elevator pitch?

1. It should be succinct.
2. It should be easy to understand.
3. It should have supporting examples and draw on your skills or experiences.
4. It should be practiced and role-played with a career coach, mentor, or a warm connection at a company you’re trying to pitch.
5. It should mirror or reflect what is contained within your social media summaries.

How did you decide to enter into your field of work?

It was a natural outgrowth of how I live my life – making connections based on giving and listening first, to see what value I might be able to provide. If not me, then potentially someone in my network who could be a resource for someone in mine. Warm Name is based on growing lasting and fulfilling relationships, rooted in trust and mutual benefit. It’s taking those life experiences and applying it to the skill and expertise I’ve built over the years in my field of work.
Have you hit any roadblocks in your career? If so, how did you re-evaluate and continue to progress forward?
I am in ‘transition’ now, after being with the company for the last 12 years. To be candid, I am still in the evaluation process; it’s a daily exercise which requires focus, a positive attitude and an embrace of the fear of the unknown.
In what ways can students make the most of their free time?

Read. Meet two new people each week. Exercise. Meditate.Linkedin button

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